Thank you all for your support in my campaign for Pleasant Ridge School Board Trustee. I have been officially sworn in on December 13th and now officially operating in my 4 year term. I am grateful to all who helped, campaigned, donated their time and money for our cause, I could not have done this without your efforts. I am open for continued input and to be accountable to our community, I will do my best to represent you.

~ Peggy

My Campaign is Simple

Academic Excellence
Parental Rights
Local Accountability

About Me

I believe in the importance of having transparency in our schools and meeting the needs of our students. We must prepare students for a 21st century economy in order to be competitive in the global market. Sadly, today our students and families are dealing with the long-term effects from the pandemic.

I will advocate for parents, students and especially for the underserved. I am a unique, diverse and an out-of-the box thinker who embraces innovative approaches to our outdated educational model.

I am the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization that has received numerous awards for community work with marginalized families, under-performing students, at-risk youth, the undocumented, justice-involved and trauma impacted youth. In 2018, I received the Woman of the Year award from CA Legislative Women’s Caucus for my championing work.

I have a BS Degree in Business Management from William Jessup University and an AS Pre-Nursing Degree from American River College. I am affiliated with Amen Clinics as a Certified Brain Health Professional. I am bilingual in Spanish. I have 25 years in the healthcare industry ranging from a clinical environment to corporate operations.

As a parent, grandparent, and community member of Lake of the Pines since 2004, my campaign will focus on the education of our children. My top priorities are academic excellence, parental rights and local accountability.

Awards and Achievements

Peggy Advocates for Students & Families

Peggy demonstrates leadership with kids and families
who were negatively impacted by the local school district strikes.  

Focus on Academic Performance

Schools need to refocus their energies on how we have dropped in our top performing academic performance rankings and find out why the reduction. This will be my number one priority.

“The purpose of education is to give the student the intellectual tools to analyze, whether verbally or numerically, and to reach conclusions based on logic and evidence.”

~ Thomas Sowell, Inside American Education

Parental Rights

Parental Rights – protecting children and re-empowering parents, as is their basic right, over their children’s education and lives.

Local Accountability &

Community Input

Let’s focus on what’s working and remove what’s not working.

We are a diverse community with many strengths, experiences and gifts.

Let’s restore a level of confidence back to our public schools for our home school and private school families.

Please join me in this effort.

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“Mrs. Fava is a well-respected advocate of youth and families. She has championed mental health awareness, healthy eating, job development – placement and contributed to a variety of innovative strategies. Mrs. Fava demonstrates a servant based style of leadership. She empowers others through training and cultivating volunteers to take a leadership role.”

~ Raymond Lozada, Director of Safe Schools
Sac City Unified School District

“The program that he (my son) attended this summer was one of the best things he has done so far this year.  He absolutely loves to come and talks about all the things he is learning.  Thank you so much for making this available.”

~ Parent, Sabrina Jackson
Special Education Westlake Charter School

“Peggy is a grassroots in the trenches leader, who fights for kids and especially the most marginalized. She believes every student deserves a good education no matter the zip code they live. She is resourceful and able to stretch budgets resourcefully, she would be a great asset to any school board.”

~ Chris Baker, Public Education Advocate & Community Leader

“I was really giving a lot of thought to how grateful I am to you folks. Your program has helped mature my son. He has had problems in the past with his maturity and in the last couple of months I have seen him change, I can’t thank you enough for being the catalyst for this type of change.”

~ Parent, Michael Anchondo

Elect Peggy Fava for Pleasant Ridge Union School Board 2022

I want to hear from you.  Please complete this simple 5 question survey (Click Here). Tell me about your successes, struggles, and concerns as they relate to Pleasant Ridge Union School District. Email me at or call me at 530-786-1065.